Mission & Values

We've started this journey by applying our extensive knowledge of the esports industry to create a unique experience for all customers so that they share in the hype. Alongside this, we cater to the more traditional needs of betting enthusiasts, with a sports betting and online casino offering to rival any of our competitors.

Betting & gaming, at its core, is all about experiencing the thrill of the game in a safe environment and having fun while doing so. We take this principle and apply it to how we run things. We aspire to make iGaming, in all its aspects, more entertaining. We believe that the way players play across brands might be the same, but that the way they experience it all can be so much more...

This experience is central to our vision for the business. Not only to our customers but to all the stakeholders we deal with. To our employees, shareholders and business partners, we strive to offer an unrivaled and rewarding win-win experience. This vision translates into deeply ingrained corporate values, centered around transparency, fairness, and innovativeness.

Our Business

We are active in the gambling industry and offer a unique and innovative product to our customers. We comply with local regulations where applicable and adhere to our own strict ethical code in jurisdictions where regulations are not yet in place.

Player safety, protection and product innovation are the most important elements upon which we operate our business. This means player verification in the early stages, quick withdrawals thereafter and always something new to experience while playing.

For this we rely on software and applications that are developed in-house, but also on third party service providers.

Currently we operate the brand arcanebet, with more brands to launch soon


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